Be a generous soul,
With those around you
Share with everyone around you
And with all your, soul
The Word of God!

Is not all about, to divide . . .
Material wealth
With people around you . . .
Is all about the wealth given
By God, for all of us,

When on this world we coming
. . . When we are born,
Our souls are pure and innocent
You, you, me and all of us,
We have this wealth, into our soul

Given by God,
Just to be shared His word,
And never  to not be forgotten.
It's wealth, and it's in your heart!
This wealth is hard to be kept,

Into our souls, during our lifetime . . .
But each one of us can try
To keep into our soul
The word of God
Is up to us how we choose to live

Author: Sorina Hasballa
©2019/by sorinahasballa