Bruno…a soul of a puppy

My name is Bruno, 
I have so much love into my soul . . .
To share with you.
God gave me it,
To become your trusted friend . . .
Are you agree with me ?Do not hesitate to change yourself
And become reliable as I am.

 If we humans worldwide,
We could have so much love,
In our souls, like our puppies
From this land, if we were
As trustworthy as they,
Certainly, the world would become,
A miracle.
I will not know, nor lie
Nor hatred, nor war,

There would be no differentiation
Among us, people.
It would be just love, unconditional
Peace and harmony, abundance for all.
Yes, it would be love, a lot of love.
And we never knew, the word betrayal!
This is the heart of a puppy.

Author: Sorina Hasballa