©2019 sorinahasballa

The deepest and most sincere
Relationship, from our souls,
It must be between us and God.
By praying constantly,
At good, and at bad
And to consider God,
Before anything and of anyone.
Do not should to start our day,

Without it put of God above all,
Even though the days, …
Can, be heavier sometimes. . .
But faith, it will make the days,
As to become more lightly
Like a feather of the dove,
That's how we will feel,
When we get faith,

Permanently, into our souls.
White dove will take the weight,
Of our shoulders, and he will fly
To bring the weight at the sky
After this, in our souls' and our life's
Peace and harmony will stay, forever
Let's make into our souls as faith
To be strong as a rock,
And to believe forever
In the God Power and goodness.

Author: Sorina Hasballa