Blessings … all gathered so far, into soul

If you can count your blessings, wonderful man, what the Lord has sent you so far, it means that you are healthy and well, and you are grateful to the Lord, saying a simple thank you, because today compared to others, you could count  the blessings of the Lord, given in these difficult times in which we all live today.

.  .  .  but let us never forget, as the prayer addressed to the Lord, no matter how small, can bring great changes in our lives, the Lord listens to us all, and never tires, speak to him, in any situation, as  you are rich or poor, healthy or sick, sad or happy, whatever your situation He, the Heavenly Father will always listen to you, reach out for the peace & harmony that the Lord can pour out on your soul…

Leave yourself in the care of the Lord, wonderful man, wherever you are in this world, trust in Him completely, only the Lord can give you the peace that your mind and soul need … Pray whenever  the soul feels the need. May the Lord be with us all.


©2020/Author: Sorina Hasballa