Bruno…a soul of a puppy

My name is Bruno, 
I have so much love into my soul . . . 
To share with you, you & you . . .

If we humans, from all over the world, if we did not forget how the Lord created us to be, namely wonderful people with souls full of love, surely our world would be better, there would be much love, to be shared, with everyone around us. . . how wonderful it would be. . . There would be no differentiation between people,
It would be just love, unconditional
Peace and harmony, abundance for all.
Yes, it would be love, a lot of love.
thus, we never knew what betrayal meant. . . this is a puppy soul, it is full of love, and our souls were created the same way, me and all the people in the world. . . search deep in your soul, the Lord has put a lot of love in us there, that’s how we were all born, don’t let love die, because it means that darkness, little by little your soul dominates you and you are lost. . . find yourself, return to the Lord in the light, for the soul is full of love, speak to the Lord to raise you from below. . . and you will feel again what it is like to live with love, truth and light, in the way of the Lord.

God created me, it
To become your trusted friend . . .
Are you agree with me ?
Do not hesitate . . . and choose me, to become your trusted friend, and I will stay for ever beside you . . .
I Bruno, I can and you, also to . . . become an reliable, friend as I am, for you?

The Lord has given us this wonderful soul, the dog. . . to become the best friend ever, and not to forget how we should always be. If you want to notice, wonderful man, the Lord in everything he created gave a drop-by-drop example of how he constituted us. . . we are little pieces of all his creation.

©2020 last version/Author: Sorina Hasballa