Out of darkness & live a completely normal life

God, only You, can bring us to light, from the mysterious darkness, that wants to pull us all down, of the Covid’19 pandemic, ’20 . . . ’21 . . . ????? 

© 2021/by sorinahasballa

Global pandemic, Covid’19 with extension ’20 / ’21 that ruins our lives.  Incomplete lives, without taste and color, and many restrictions, which derive us out from the a normal life .  .  .  global ruin, on all planes, just can brings only .  .  .  who wins from this pathetic pandemic ???? 

©2021/by sorinahasballa

. . . Life!!! no more pathetic pandemic extension for future . . . which drive us into deep depression, choose oxygen instead of wearing a mask , and let’s live, a completely normal life, because the oxygen is a gift given to all of us, by our Almighty God.

by Sorina Hasballa